Are you busy with family life?

Is your dog missing out on walks and training?

Is your health holding you back from walking your pooch?

Does your dog need assistance in training?

Do you need to free up time ?


Our Walk & Train services are tailored to you to by a professional and experienced trainer and designed to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Our 1-hour sessions include obedience training, behaviour modification, play and socialisation.

You will be required to complete a client profile form outlining your dog's likes, dislikes and the goals you would like to achieve. Once we have received your completed profile form, a 30-minute interview will be arranged with your trainer before your dog's first Walk & Train session.

During this interview (one per dog) you and your trainer will discuss your dog's needs, address any questions or concerns and have a meet and greet between your dog and trainer.    


We offer discounted packages for those who require regular Walk & Train sessions. Please ask your trainer for package prices at the interview.


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