3 Easy Dog Tricks to Teach

PantingPaws DogsYou don’t need to do strict obedience training … it’s boring and time-consuming.

A couple of weeks ago I had my first ever photo shoot with Cooper and Charlie (one of my most loyal clients) with our lovely photographer, Simone Harding.

I’m kicking myself at the moment … I wish I had done it way (years) sooner!

I missed out on this fun opportunity for years because I had always thought that I needed to lose weight, I had to get rid of my dark circles under my eyes, I need to get more photogenic, Cooper isn’t trained enough … and the list goes on.

However, I am super happy with the results and I will be looking forward to doing it again soon!

Simone was fantastic, ensuring I felt comfortable and allowed me to just go with the flow. She had a few tips and tricks to help me relax, and we essentially just took our time … plus she loved the dogs too!

(the only downfall to this shoot was we forgot our bug spray! What a buffet feast the mozzies had!)

But, what impressed me the most that afternoon was how well Cooper and Charlie did during the photo shoot!

Both dogs were amazing. Not only did they not take the opportunity to ‘run for it’ when we removed their collar or harness, but they listened to their trainer (aka. Mum) and performed with little error.

Both Cooper and Charlie had trained for years, but majority of their training was not the standard sit, drop, stay style of training everyday for hours. Of course we integrated obedience training in our fun style sessions, but we focused highly on using what motivated our dogs.

Your naughty dog’s antics are not a result of you having limited or no time to train … they usually result from not leveraging off your dog’s short term motivation/s.

Change your mindset from ‘training your dog is a chore’ into ‘training your dog is the highlight of the day!’, because the rewards will be far greater!

(well done to Charlie’s Mum, Tracey! Not only did they trust in my training techniques and give it a go, but they kept it simple and the results speak for themselves!).

You don’t need to do strict obedience training … it’s boring and time-consuming.

What you do need to do is use what excites your dog, what makes them enjoy their time with you to work with you, so then you are confident and excited to have a well-trained, happy and motivated dog.

An added bonus to using games to motivate your dog is that it enhances your dog’s brain flexibility! Meaning, your dog can start thinking outside of the box, problem solved and assess the situation ahead of them before reacting! How awesome is that!?

To get you started, below are my favourite 3 Easy Dog Tricks to Teach for Fast Results.

Trick 1:  Target/Touch – Dog Training – Target

Trick 2:  Roll Over – Dog Training – Roll Over

Trick 3:  Crawl – Dog Training – Crawl

Click here to download all three!

The aim of these dog tricks are:

  • each training session should not exceed more than 10 mins per session
  • to teach you and your dog to work together, be patient and enjoy the journey
  • you can use these tricks outside the home to distract your dog when needed

Most importantly, keep it simple!

I’d love to see your dog’s progress on the tricks, feel free to post a video on our Facebook Page, or email it through to info@pantingpaws.com.au.

If you have any questions, pop it down in the comments section below.

Stop using the excuse that you do not have time to train your dog … we all have time, we just don’t need to invest in long hours to get fast results from your dog. If you want to work with me and achieve fast results with minimal time while enhancing your dog’s personality, shoot me an email at info@pantingpaws.com.au.

… because your dog WANTS to be a good dog!

~ Christine

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