Connection with Dogs

Connection-with-dogsYou need this to get your dog to do what you want.
Your relationship with your dog is null & void without a connection first.

Next year will mark my 20th year as a dog trainer!
I can’t believe it.
I started training and helping dog owners with their dogs at the age of 15.

Recently I was asked why I didn’t take up the opportunity to do dog training full time years ago.

My answer?

I wanted to know more and the only way for me to know more was to experience it first hand, learning in various animal industry environments (in animal theme parks, animal rescue and adoption, veterinary nursing and animal management).

I wanted to learn the struggles dog owners experience, how this impacts their lifestyle, family and community relationships.

I wanted to learn various techniques and methods of training, restraints, healing and problem solving.

I wanted to learn the passions, the drives, the views and beliefs, the strengths and weaknesses of other animal industry professionals.

I wanted to learn how the community viewed the problematic issues with animals, the solutions and support available and animal industry professionals.

Most importantly, I wanted to learn what was the core issue dog owners faced with their dog’s problematic issues.

And that answer is … loss of connection.

The loss of connection between dog owners and their dogs is becoming more prevalent as our life demands increase every day. We are busy running errands, meeting work deadlines and are distracted by the rapid growth of our environment, that we have forgotten how to slow down, appreciate and enjoy our life journey with our dog..

We are disconnected from our dogs when we try to push unrealistic expectations onto them, resulting in your dog suppressing their personality, increasing their confusion and making their initial problematic behaviour far worse. Your relationship with your dog starts turning negative and eventually will cease.

So, too fast track positive results from your dog, we need your dog engaging with you, enjoying their time with you, understanding what you want from them and feeling safe and secured in the process.
For us to achieve engagement, we need to build a positive relationship.
For us to build a positive relationship, we need to develop, or re-new, your connection with your dog.

Without a connection, you cannot form any type of relationship with your dog.

To develop a connection you must first consent to a contract between you and your dog, an agreement to reach out and meet each other half way in your relationship.

(P.S. Your dog has already signed this contract and is already waiting for you half way)

Next step, is implementing the foundation work set for you and your dog.

At the beginning of any dog training program, most trainers will implement simple exercises for you to practice with your dog, to develop, or re-new, your connection with your dog.

A form of positive communication, such as rewards, between you and your dog enables you to work together and achieve results in any given environment. Your dog will have the ability to understand you, understand what is required from them and encourages their wiliness to keep learning from you. From here, your relationship glows, growing and strengthening trust, security, comfort and more.

So, if you are struggling with your dog at the moment, my advice to you is pause, slow down and spend some time with your dog away from your busy lifestyle, and find a connection that you once had. Regrow your connection and it won’t be long until positive improvements and results will follow.

Your dog will thank you for it.

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