Dog Enrichment

Let me simplify it for you…


Enrichment is when you provide your dog voluntary mental and physical exercise with the use of various activities, items of interest and/or change in their environment, which allows them to naturally express their behaviour.
Often the term ‘Enrichment’ is associated with Zoo Keepers demonstrating how they improve the wellbeing of their animals through a series of positive environmental enrichment opportunities.
Now, veterinary and dog trainer professionals are using this term to encourage dog owners to enhance their dog’s lifestyle which may also assist in eliminating problem behaviours, such as digging.
Although we are all familiar with this term, you may still question  “what is it?” and “how do we do it?”
Keeping in mind that you’re providing your dog a series of experiences and stuff to do at home so that they are mentally and physically challenged, planning  your dog’s enrichment can be broken into three groups:
1. Environmental Enrichment
2. Dietary Enrichment
3. Novel & Social Enrichment
Environmental Enrichment
is changing the shape or appearance of the dog’s environment, aka back yard, for example:
• Sand, dirt pile
• Bunch of sticks
• Various logs
• Sturdy cardboard boxes as cubby house
• New plants
• Various bedding options
Dietary Enrichment
is incorporating your dog’s daily feed as a daily enrichment, for example:
• Kongs stuffed with feed
• Ice Blocks with food frozen inside
• Food releasing toys
• Unpredictable feeding times
• Scatter feeds
Novel & Social Enrichment
is the all  ‘play’ items and/or human and dog interactions, for example:
• Snake skins
• Hair from other dogs
• Smells of other animals and people
• Odd clothing (T-shirts, pants)
• Doggy Day Care
• Radio / Tv
• Walks
• Sprinklers on timers
If you require further assistance in providing enrichment for your dog, contact our experienced and professional dog trainer, Christine on 0409 636 117 or email


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