Online Dog Training Courses

Our Online Dog Training Courses are our laid back, fun and easy going online training that are achievable in the comfort of your own home.
These courses are designed for you if you have limited time, and you need to just focus on changing your dog's behaviour one step at a time.
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Take advantage of this online course if you have an out of control, bouncing, destructive puppy or boisterous, no boundary, over-excited dog.
If you want to feel more at ease, relaxed and in control of your home, let's get together to transform your dog's naughty antics!
We will transform your dog's antics via:
* Boundary Training
* Obedience Training
* Enrichment Training
* Leadership Training, and
* Awareness Training
Please note:
Complex behavioural problems, such as Separation Anxiety, Aggression and Compulsive Disorders will not be 'fixed' during this program, however,  you will receive the foundations and support to begin your modification journey with your dog.
SOS Dog Training Program Cost $325.00
4 x Session Online Training Sessions
Includes our easy & effective training, flexible schedule, supportive emails and personalised sessions.
2 x Live Webinars
2 x Private Coaching Sessions Online
Access to Facebook Private Group Page
VIP Discounts to newly released courses and follow up sessions
APRIL INTAKE CLOSES | 15th April 6.00pm
Limited numbers
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