Imagine coming home to a well trained dog.

A dog that you can trust, be confident in and take out with you on social gatherings.

A dog that you can just relax with, on the couch, after a hard day's work.

 Your life is busy with juggling commitments such as your job, attending to family obligations whilst trying to fit in a social lifestyle. 

Meanwhile your dog is causing havoc: being pushy with visitors, pulling on lead, reacting to dogs on outings, won't come back when called, isn't trustworthy, attention seeking and mouthing (and list goes on...), adding to the stress and frustration you feel when you get home.
You love your dog, but you feel embarrassed, frustrated, stressed or annoyed.
You need my help now.
I understand what it feels like to have limited time, that is why I am determined to support and motivate you to achieve the results you want with your dog that fits right in with your lifestyle.
With the program's unlimited private training sessions* over two months, you are guaranteed fantastic results with your dog.
Our management, training and modification methods are easy and effective, allowing you to work it around your busy schedule.
You deserve to come home, unwind and enjoy the company of a great companion...your dog.
If you are ready, committed and determined to transform your dog's naughty antics into the 'good dog' you know your dog is, then let's get together and do this now!
... because your dog WANTS to be a good dog!
Responsive Dog Program Cost $1275.00
3 month Unlimited Private Training Sessions*
Includes our easy & effective training, flexible schedule, training equipment, supportive emails and personalised sessions.
*Terms and Conditions apply
  • Include "Good Dog' Program
  • Recall Training
  • Walking on Lead Training
  • Impulse Control Training
  • Socialisation Training
  • Confidence Training
  • More...

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