Protect Your Pet from Theft

DogThiefIt has become increasingly worrying today that there is speculation of dogs stolen in our community. Our main concern as dog owners is that our dogs can be stolen for illegal dog fights. Dog theft is a crime that is hard to measure in statistics as most cases are not reported to the local police or the RSPCA.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Secure your yard

Ensure your yard is securely fenced by repairing any holes or gaps. Using a pad-lock on your gate when it is closed can decrease the chances of someone entering your property. Have a separate, out of sight, confined area for your dog to relax in when you are not home.

Home security

Install security cameras in your home to watch for suspicious behaviours or activities on your property while you are not home or in the odd hours of the day.

Do not leave your dog unattended ‘Window of opportunity’ can be seized when you leave your dog unattended at the corner shop or left in your car for a minute.

Identification Ensure you have current photos of your pooch, especially when they have unique, distinguishing physical characteristics. Take photos from various angles capturing coat type, face close-ups and their colouring. Your dog should be wearing a collar with an identification and contact information tag. It is also mandatory with the  Logan City Council that dogs are microchipped. Shelters, veterinary clinics and council pounds use microchips to identify lost animals and reunite them with their owners.

Talk to your neighbours Advise your neighbours if you are expecting visitors on your property when you are not home, so they can report any suspicious activity to the local police.

Various Reasons Why Dogs are Stolen


Used as a ransom. Thieves will wait for a reward to be posted, then call the dog’s owners and say they found him/her wandering around.

Dog fighting

Dogs are conditioned to fight by cruel training methods, or used as ‘bait’ to train other dogs to fight.

Cult rituals

There have been a few reported cases in Australia of various animals found in ‘ritual positions’.

Dishonest People

People who want to own a dog without having to pay for one or they have found a dog and did not make any effort to contact the appropriate authorities, such as RSPCA, local veterinary clinics and/or local council.

HELP!  My Dog was STOLEN! 

Don’t panic! You need to keep calm so you can accurately relay information to the relevant authorities.

If you believe your dog was stolen, call your local police. Also talk to your neighbours to see if they noticed any suspicious activity around your home.

Conduct your own search

  • Advising all veterinary clinics within 100km radius of your home (if your dog escaped, a good Samaritan may have taken your dog to a veterinary clinic on the way to or from work).
  • Advertise in your local newspaper in the Lost and Found section.
  • Contact RSPCA.
  • Place posters of your dog, with description and when they disappeared around your local community’s advertising and notice boards.
  • Use social media by advertising on Facebook pages such as Queensland Lost Pet Register and Lost Dogs Logan.

If you require further assistance , contact our experienced and professional dog trainer, Christine on 0409 636 117 or email

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