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Do you feel lost, frustrated or annoyed because of your dog's behaviour?

Does your dog have selective hearing, and you wish your dog would listen better?

Are you having trouble with your dog's unwanted behaviours and don't know how to fix it?

You have come to the right place!

We know first-hand how hard and frustrating it is when we don't have control of our dog, especially with all the naughty, selective hearing and destructive mischief they get into.

We have helped hundreds of families who were in the same situation, and we can definitely help you too!

Why Train with Panting Paws

Your Benefits

Our dog training programs are customisable, so you can choose the program you want based on your preferences.

  • Get results FAST

  • More FREE time with your family & friends

  • Real LIFE solutions

  • Training so EASY - even kids can do it!

Just imagine the freedom of taking your dog with you on your family adventures, catching up with friends at cafes & pubs, and dropping your kids off at school!

Let's Work Together

Dog Training Programs and Puppy Training Programs tailored to suit your needs.

Online Dog Training Club

You will feel supported and guided in finding effective and effortless training solutions for your dog.

This monthly online dog training club has limited spaces available to give you the 1:1 attention you need.

Results Driven Dog Training

Let's get together and transform your dog's unwanted behaviours into your approved, 'good dog' behaviours that fit right in with your home and family's lifestyle, by using our easy, effective and effortless training methods and techniques... because your dog WANTS to be a good dog!

The End Results will have your dog...

* listening to you

* calm and well mannered in public places

* sit at your feet while having a cuppa

* coping well in unfamiliar situations

* not freak out when see other dogs/people

* do what you ask of them

* have the ability to do any training

* fit right into your home and lifestyle

If you are ready, committed and determined to transform your dog's naughty antics into the 'good dog' you know your dog is, then let's get together and do do this now!

Let's Train My Dog!

Trusted By 1000's of Dog Parents

Our programs are focused on helping you and your family have your dog a very much loved member of your family.


Working Mum of two youngsters now enjoys the company of their 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux.

The family can take him out on walks, have visitors enter their home without being tackled and cope in situations that he would normally struggle to deal with.


Married couple enjoyed the methods and games for their 7 year old Labrador and 11 year old Maltese. They describe the difference in their dog's behaviours as 'fantastic'. Their car rides are less stressful, walking on lead is coming along nicely and they can now have guests visit and enjoy a BBQ without the risk of being bitten.


Mum-to-be enjoyed the flexibility and ease of the confidence building games to transform her anxious and high energy 1.5 year old Bull Arab x Staffy into a calmer and more confident dog.

With only limited time on her hands, and a new born bub on the way, the flexibility of the foundations meant their journey together was a pleasurable experience in transforming her dog's behaviour and watching her personality grow and shine like she has never had before!

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